Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something I learned from my dad...

though it is something he never told me...not believed himself.  However, he showed me on many, many a Saturday around some pit, lake, river or bay. This is one of my many, many paintings of the saying. I'm working on a 5' one right now. For me : HUGE.

"Life is Fishing-not Catching."

The Return of FishNu - my India Inspired Multi-armed Mermaid

Video of her history and revision. I have a one armed version of this mermaid painted on the side of my home/studio the Red Hibiscus Art Farm.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is a pic of a table I painted at Star Fish in Cortez Florida...

I repaint them every year.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I work...a lot.....

One of the greatest skills and talents in drive. And figuring out how to fuel it.

Advice from a Florida Folk Artist

Sleeping Horizontal Mermaid By RhondaK

My sleeping mermaid.

Small mermaids - custom personalized

Welcome. -- kinda

My front door

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inspired at Pop's Grille in Nokomis Beach Florida

This is a sign series inspired back in 2011 by sitting at the bar of Pop's Grille in Nokomis Beach, Florida.

Custom Available here:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My website is up in full and simple color

Mermaids, funny bar signs, beachy things...and other things I paint from inner and outer landscapes.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life on a boat : the Tiki Mama

I paid a $1 for this boat and lived on it for a while anchored in Sarasota Bay. I consider it my greatest painted funny and inspirational sign. One day I hope to sit down and write the truest story of that time in my life. As soon as I can get past "it was the best of times.. It was the worst of times. "

I will tell you this, there's a freedom to owning 2 pairs of shoes, eating stone crab claws and drinking beer for breakfast and nothing on the agenda but puttering around in the dinghy with the pugs.

Everyone should fall off the grid a few times in their life just to feel how time becomes more like a jump rope than a whip.

Horizontal mermaids : the to do list

To date I only paint 2 horizontal mermaids and I've just got another request. I have a sleeping mermaid and one from the back. Going through my photos I found the first horizontal mermaid I did.

This is the LIVE AWAKE mermaid.

This Summer I'm bringing her back with 2 new ones I've been thinking on.

In all this, the "thinking on" process is the longest part of the whole thing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

This Florida Girl LOVES Texas

I tell you what, I had a HELL of a good time in Texas.  I've never been, so going to San Antonio was 4 days of pure delight.  It's not wonder many of my dearest friends and most passionate loves came from this beer making sweet talking state.

In case you are like me and are a Newbie to San Antonio, let me share some tips:

1) Find a Taco Haven for breakfast.  Walk there. Don't ask for anything more on the table than they give you.  Yes, the tomatillo sauce is amazing.

2) DO NOT DRINK Margaritas on the Riverwalk. I know. But there are two good reasons for this.  Most places do truly short pour. And a short pour or shabby mix on a $14 drink is just wrong. 

Go to Worm or Dick's Last Resort for real drinks.  Better, go off Riverwalk to any number of places in South Town.  Secondly, should you manage to drink enough margaritas to get tipsy you'll find the stairs and the lack of a safety rail by the River may cause you an indelicate, though frankly hilarious incident.
3) Go to South Town to eat/drink and shop. I found a great art store there where the owner had just come back from a buying trip in Mexico.  She suggested a place to get margaritas...and 4 bars later I had more friends and phone numbers than I had the last year in my small Florida town.  Texas is awesome fun like that. 

So fun, I 'm going there for my Summer vacation to see if this Florida Native can take the heat.  I'll tell you this, I can take hanging out and listening to people who know how to weave a story and throw our their heart with open arms.

I also met Julian Castro.  Which, is a post in and of it self. 

I LOVE Texas.
Recommended Hotel - River Vista

What I LOVED about San Antonio

WHY you should go to San Antonio Riverwalk and NOT Downtown Disney ( on either coast )

Native Florida Folk Artist