Friday, May 31, 2013

Matlacha trip to restock Frills

You HAVE to try the Italian stuffed banana peppers it you like spicy and melty

Ragged ass saloon-st James city

Tiki tax 
Bert's bar

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beautiful Stormy Night with Sadie Pug and Trying to Catch A Sunset to Paint

A minute look at the pug and I trying to catch a sunset to paint....

Thursday, May 16, 2013


People often ask me where I get my inspiration. 

Firstly, I'm a librarian. Words - I live them.

Second, I'm a Floridian. Florida - you have to admit is full of an old rich history and endless crazy stories bounded by wonderful salt water.

And last... I don't look in etsy or the Internet for ideas. I don't go to other craft shows with a camera and an "I can do that" attitude. 

I take field trips to small places I love and huge art shows full of mad, fun ideas. 

Why drink out if a garden hose when you 
Have a heart that's ready for a fire hose?

I don't do shows. I do installations.

Live big, friends. Live the life of your own heart.

From the Frieze art show in NYC.  3 story balloon animal. I love it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2008- I'm struggling with a friends death I'n Fall 2008...and this is the story

I put together this slideshow of just one week of that struggle.

It's been viewed 1700 times. I wonder if people really read it or if they just look at the pictures of Shell Beach on Siesta Key.

In it I lose a lot of things...a friend, money and work. But in that week, I create my first of what will be dozens of Star Fish Company signs. This explains the perspective it came from.

Sometimes in your worst week is an idea that helps you find your way.

I question my ability to sell something people at that point didn't expect of me--but I did-fast. I still incorporate the affordable pieces with the large because these little things helped get me through big heartbreak.

So, I know these little pieces find their way into other people's stories. I just always hope it's better than this one week in 2008 was for me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Red Notebooks August 6 2006-7

I have kept a lot of notebooks of my work from 2005 and my life for decades. This Summer I'm beginning a digitization project of the notebooks. Some are the genesis of ideas I had, others what people asked me to do, some quotes I liked...all thoughts that built what I do now.


Things I'm painting : random and classic.

Warning:barstools in the splash zone.-me

Don't take me bro.

Idle worship in process.

All of us get lost in the darkness. Dreamers follow the stars. -- a version of Rush lyrics

Like a fine wine, I'm best when drunk.

4 scores and 7 beers ago, I wasn't this happy. - me

This Bud's for you--the rest are all mine.

One day your children will figure out you're the people you warned them

No shirt, shoes ... Problems

I gave up smoking and drinking. Worse 15 minutes of my life.

My compass does not point North. -- Alan Tikiman Keller 2006

The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears. --native American

Some call it a six pack...I call it a support group.

I have not yet begun to procrastinate.

Unruly kids will be sold to pirates.

Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right.

All I ever needed to know I learned from fishing...
You have to bait your own hook..
You have to drop your line in the water
You can't catch anything just talking about it.
It always seems to be a lot of trouble til you catch your first fish.

A smile is a gently curved line that sets a lot of things straight.


Send Sam Densler and his wive a Spirit of the Star Fish sign. ( live aboard couple who offered to tow tiki mama to east coast through the Okeechobee lock system. I declined knowing how likely that was to destroy his resources. I was scared Charlie or someone would kill me, but felt I should stay and deal with my own fate.)

Painted a yorkie for Hope Wainwright.
Beanie: the Heartbeat at my feet. --Edith Wharton saying.
She and Hemmingway both had dogs that slept on their feet while they wrote.

Painted Steve's Tiki Bar

Painted It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Old business card.