Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Haiku A Thon New Years 2014 : 31-40

Haiku A Thon

Haiku 31
Do you remember ?
We once cried eating hotdogs
Mustard on our lips.

Haiku 32
You fog do scare me
You are not wind, rain or storm
But silence. Silence.

Haiku 33
Hungry bunnies thump
They rattle their cage and mine
Sweet captors we are.

Haiku 34
In the creaking boat
was my soul curled down to sand
and through the sea. Free.

Haiku 35
He had a baby
on his tattoo, not as a
tattoo. No his. Nope.

Haiku 36
Skinny dipping is
problematic. Jelly fish.
Sand paper shark skin.

Haiku 37
She held him blackout
tight knowing he would, could not
know she was still there.

Haiku 38
Bunny surrender
is a lie like forever
like right now. This now.

Haiku 39
The bunnies back up
in unison, an army.
Planned fake submission.

Haiku 40
The rabbit as prey
doesn't pray but dances, wild
They don't quit. They groove.

Haiku A Thon Haikus 22-30

Haiku 23
The Popsicle stand
Was about to be blown,but
Director said CUT!

Haiku 24
What to wear? To pack?
I need something to make my
Butt look fat. So flat.

Haiku 25
Roll mad in the hay
Smell the sweetness of fields cubed
What the bale? She said.

 Haiku 26
The sleeping pug snores
She ignores the light, eyes tight
Her paws hold the night.

Haiku 27
Let's meet a wild man
That is kickstand up always
Even in soft sand.

Haiku 28
The back of the bike
Is a meditation zone
High speed letting go.

Haiku 29
The smell of leather
Big arms wrapped around so tight
I can't think, just heal.

Haiku 30
Not answering call
I will just answer the wild
You my friend, are not.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Haiku A Thon 2014 17-22

 Haiku 16
Colliding with past
ghosts flow like hot lava slow
So slow you can run.

Haiku 17
Lips, the thinnest skin
Pressed on yours tells story
Your heart keeps silent.

Haiku 18
Hopefully we can
All be whores about something
And slut it up REAL.
-- about art, disputes, creative drive

Haiku 19
She is left in night
This lunar other, a dream
Splendidly alone.

Haiku 20
Full of nostalgia
Sinking like a Lincoln fast
She decided- NO.

Haiku 21
Seductive mirage
Dance that candy out your pants
Open oasis.

Haiku 22
In this becoming
A monkey, a wrench, sledge hammer
Pain says: feel me more.

Haiku A Thon 2014 Haikus 1-15

Haiku 1
Shake the pug awake
She's Godzilla hitting the town
Hear her mighty snore.

Haiku 2
She's so snack happy
Running on pug feet..here..there
The snack deserves peace.

Haiku 3
She swims on pillows
Clouds, crazy dreams, she runs fast
Pug nap races on.

Haiku 4
It did not happen
Great American novel
The sentences won.

Haiku 5
It did not happen
Chris Rock said soul mates not real
He is now worth half.

Haiku 6
You can't imagine
The mad super hero feel
New shoes on old road.

Haiku 7
The belly of beast
Had archaic moans and sighs
Minotaur steps down.

Haiku 8
The Bunny's head tilt
A curse, but an old world gaze
Both heaven and hell.

Haiku 9
Boobs, boobies, knockers
Rack, Snack tray, fun bags, the girls
Just lust of the busts

Haiku 10
Grand wooden boat dream
For a whole dollar. Just one.
A myth on the hook.
-- for the S/V Tiki Mama

Haiku 11
Really, dude, nothing
says "I love you" like mud slides
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Haiku 12
What he left me with
A spiritual conversion
To red hibiscus.

Haiku 13
I'm a cold killer
With cocktails, trickster swagger
Doubles are troubles.

Haiku 14
Lay your hands on me
Troubled waters run so deep
This rock skips lightly.