Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Continuing digitizing journal 2006-7: show lists, ideas, to do lists RhondaK history

Show list 2006.

Beer kills weak brain cells. That's why the more you drink the smarter you get.

Don't gaze me bro. Andrew Meyer, 2007. University of Florida.

Gave up drinking ( worse 15 minutes of my life.)

Another word for luck is persistence.

Laugh at your problems - everyone else does.

Beach bar - where the shunned shine.

If it isn't a barstool, I' m not sitting on it.

Seen it all. Done it all, can't remember most of it,

Today is the yesterday you'll be embarrassed about tomorrow.

The tide always changes.

Life is too short to stay sober.

You show me yours, I'll show you the door- potential RKism

There is no I in team, but there is in WIN. - michael Jordan

Have you had all your shots today?

Who put the stop payment on my reality check?

Starve feeds, feed dreams.

Work is for people who can't hold their liquor. Dog: licker

Time is never wasted when you are wasted all the time.

Eat right. Exercise. Die anyway.

The booze hound is off the chain.

The Whip and Sip lounge- you've been bad and it's all good?

In case of emergency--place butt on barstool.

Work. Curse of the drinking class. Oscar Wilde

Leave room in your garden so your angels can dance.

Life is fast. Slam on your beer brakes.

I always give into beer pressure.

Please find my phone so I can call my cigarettes.

There will come a day your children will figure out YOU are the people you warned them about.

4 scores and 7 beers ago....I wasn't this happy.--RK ism

Why go to Margaritaville when you've got all the paradise you can drink right here?- RK ism

My give a damn broke and I'm not going to fix it.

This bar is R rated; strong language, brief nudity, adult situations

I used up all my sick days so I called in retired.

Beer is cheaper than don't drive-drink!

The road to ruin is a hellluva drive. RK ism

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

Ow 2/08/07

Getting ready fot the Cortez Fish Fest
Which I don't do:

Leave signs at Star Fish to find me at Sea Hagg
Build modest, but high end inventory for CFF
Finish Rich's signs
Paint Jeep doors


To do list:

1) update etsy to 10 products--tiki signs 3, mermaids 1
2) do written inventory
3) ask Florida Secrets to mail newsletter 2 some addresses
4) retread self promo
5) identify big events. Starve to do one.
6) ask people what I could do better
7) how can I use $100 a month to promote myself
8) identify classic sayings and add to show
9) sign up for Van Wezel first Fridays. Get app. Don't faint and cry like a girl.
10) how to minimize costs. Should I leave Siesta Key? No...should enjoy key.
11) what works: Star Fish Company, Gulfport, Billy Bob's, Restless Native, Etsy, Thieves Market