Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2008- I'm struggling with a friends death I'n Fall 2008...and this is the story

I put together this slideshow of just one week of that struggle.

It's been viewed 1700 times. I wonder if people really read it or if they just look at the pictures of Shell Beach on Siesta Key.

In it I lose a lot of things...a friend, money and work. But in that week, I create my first of what will be dozens of Star Fish Company signs. This explains the perspective it came from.

Sometimes in your worst week is an idea that helps you find your way.

I question my ability to sell something people at that point didn't expect of me--but I did-fast. I still incorporate the affordable pieces with the large because these little things helped get me through big heartbreak.

So, I know these little pieces find their way into other people's stories. I just always hope it's better than this one week in 2008 was for me.