Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Haiku A Thon Haikus 22-30

Haiku 23
The Popsicle stand
Was about to be blown,but
Director said CUT!

Haiku 24
What to wear? To pack?
I need something to make my
Butt look fat. So flat.

Haiku 25
Roll mad in the hay
Smell the sweetness of fields cubed
What the bale? She said.

 Haiku 26
The sleeping pug snores
She ignores the light, eyes tight
Her paws hold the night.

Haiku 27
Let's meet a wild man
That is kickstand up always
Even in soft sand.

Haiku 28
The back of the bike
Is a meditation zone
High speed letting go.

Haiku 29
The smell of leather
Big arms wrapped around so tight
I can't think, just heal.

Haiku 30
Not answering call
I will just answer the wild
You my friend, are not.