Monday, December 29, 2014

Haiku A Thon 2014 Haikus 1-15

Haiku 1
Shake the pug awake
She's Godzilla hitting the town
Hear her mighty snore.

Haiku 2
She's so snack happy
Running on pug
The snack deserves peace.

Haiku 3
She swims on pillows
Clouds, crazy dreams, she runs fast
Pug nap races on.

Haiku 4
It did not happen
Great American novel
The sentences won.

Haiku 5
It did not happen
Chris Rock said soul mates not real
He is now worth half.

Haiku 6
You can't imagine
The mad super hero feel
New shoes on old road.

Haiku 7
The belly of beast
Had archaic moans and sighs
Minotaur steps down.

Haiku 8
The Bunny's head tilt
A curse, but an old world gaze
Both heaven and hell.

Haiku 9
Boobs, boobies, knockers
Rack, Snack tray, fun bags, the girls
Just lust of the busts

Haiku 10
Grand wooden boat dream
For a whole dollar. Just one.
A myth on the hook.
-- for the S/V Tiki Mama

Haiku 11
Really, dude, nothing
says "I love you" like mud slides
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Haiku 12
What he left me with
A spiritual conversion
To red hibiscus.

Haiku 13
I'm a cold killer
With cocktails, trickster swagger
Doubles are troubles.

Haiku 14
Lay your hands on me
Troubled waters run so deep
This rock skips lightly.