Monday, December 29, 2014

Haiku A Thon 2014 17-22

 Haiku 16
Colliding with past
ghosts flow like hot lava slow
So slow you can run.

Haiku 17
Lips, the thinnest skin
Pressed on yours tells story
Your heart keeps silent.

Haiku 18
Hopefully we can
All be whores about something
And slut it up REAL.
-- about art, disputes, creative drive

Haiku 19
She is left in night
This lunar other, a dream
Splendidly alone.

Haiku 20
Full of nostalgia
Sinking like a Lincoln fast
She decided- NO.

Haiku 21
Seductive mirage
Dance that candy out your pants
Open oasis.

Haiku 22
In this becoming
A monkey, a wrench, sledge hammer
Pain says: feel me more.