Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Haiku A Thon New Years 2014 : 31-40

Haiku A Thon

Haiku 31
Do you remember ?
We once cried eating hotdogs
Mustard on our lips.

Haiku 32
You fog do scare me
You are not wind, rain or storm
But silence. Silence.

Haiku 33
Hungry bunnies thump
They rattle their cage and mine
Sweet captors we are.

Haiku 34
In the creaking boat
was my soul curled down to sand
and through the sea. Free.

Haiku 35
He had a baby
on his tattoo, not as a
tattoo. No his. Nope.

Haiku 36
Skinny dipping is
problematic. Jelly fish.
Sand paper shark skin.

Haiku 37
She held him blackout
tight knowing he would, could not
know she was still there.

Haiku 38
Bunny surrender
is a lie like forever
like right now. This now.

Haiku 39
The bunnies back up
in unison, an army.
Planned fake submission.

Haiku 40
The rabbit as prey
doesn't pray but dances, wild
They don't quit. They groove.